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Japan’s Cybersecurity Minister Stuns The World After Admitting He Has Never Used A Computer

This something least expected to happening Japan, one of the most technologically present nations of the World. That country’s new Cybersecurity minister, Yoshitaka Sakurada, recently shocked the entire world after admitting he had never used a computer. Sakurada made the stunning admission during a question and answer session with Japan’s …

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See 7-Year-Old Boy Who Bathes, Sleeps and Plays With Deadly Snakes ( Watch Unbelievable Video)

The mysterious relationship with snakes began when he was just three years old, after he had a dream about the reptiles. Since then Devesh Adivasi has been going into the jungle and returning with different snakes almost everyday, just to play with them. The  a 7-year-old boy from rural Madhya Pradesh, …

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Hotel Offers Guests Luxury To Relax While “Instagram Sitters” Update Their Accounts With Posts

This is a fresh offer that takes Hotel business to a new competitive level. A chain of hotels is offering customers opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves while someone known as “Instagram sitter” takes photos and updates the customers’ instagram accounts. The “instagram sitter” is just like the baby sitter …

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