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German Athlete Banned From Restaurant For Eating Too Much, He Eats Up To 100 Plates In One Sitting

While many restaurants would wish to have more customers showing up to patronize them, a particular restaurant has done the unbelievable by banning a customer for eating too much. Do you know that the place is an “All-You-Can-Eat” restaurant, yet they banned someone for eating  ‘all he could eat.’ What …

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Chilean Community Where Residents Have To Remove Their Appendix Before They Can Live There

This is a strange requirement for someone to live in a community yet people reside there. Residents of Villa Las Estrellas, a small Chilean settlement in Antarctica, are required to do the unbelievable in order to live there long-term. They are required to remove their appendix. In order to understand …

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German Scientists Ready To Pay 10,000 Euros If You Prove You Have Superpowers, No One Has Ever Won (Video)

Those who believe they can do things through fetish means and are intimidating people in remote villages now have a chance to prove themselves and win 10,000 Euros (about $10,700 and about N3, 852,000).   The scientists are looking for those who think they have the power to move small …

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