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This Man Has Been Placing Scorpion On His Body To Sting Him For The Past Decade, Says It Wards Off Rheumatism Pain

A 78-year-old Cuban farmer, Pepe Casanas, has been hunting down a scorpion to sting himself with once a month for the past decade, claiming the venom wards off his rheumatism pains. Casanas seems not to be alone in his belief that the blue scorpion venom wards off rheumatism pains. His …

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‘Christmas Tree’ Erected In The Middle Of A Village As Gift To Residents Was Stolen From Cemetery – Police

There was quiet outrage in the Stroimash village outside the city of Sterlitamak in the Republic of Bashkortostan on Monday after it was discovered that a beautiful New Year Tree (Russian Version of Christmas Tree) was actually removed from a cemetery. In Russia, the winter holiday is celebrated as New …

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‘Santa Claus’ Collapses and Dies At Kindergarten School (Watch Viral Video)

The New Year party at the kindergarten ended in a traumatic experience for the kids as actor impersonating Father Frost, the Russian counterpart of Santa Claus, experienced heart problems during performance after which he died, report’s rt.com. The moods were festive at a daycare center in the Siberian city of …

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