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Russia Rejects Nigerian Fans’ Request To Enter Stadium With Live Chicken For Goodluck

This sounds strange coming in the 21st century digital age.

Nigerian fans in Russia are claiming that entering the stadium with Live Chickens during the World Cup opening Group D match between their team, Super Eagles, and Croatia, would bring good luck that will make the Nigerian team win the match.

The fans then asked Russian officials if they could be allowed to bring in live Chickens into the stadium when the match begins tomorrow. The officials said no and officially banned the Nigerian fans from entering any stadium with live chicken.

The Russian government have banned the practice when Nigeria, competing at their sixth World Cup, play in Kaliningrad.

“Fans from Nigeria asked if it’s possible to go to the stadium with a chicken. We told them that it is not possible,” Ermak, minister of culture in Kaliningrad, told Russia’s Interfax news agency.

Ermak added that the ministry will advise Super Eagles fans on areas they will be allowed to carry chickens when supporting their team.

Similar incident happened in the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa. Nigeria fans were banned from taking chickens painted in Nigeria’s colours into Ellis Park, Johannesburg, for a game against Argentina.

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