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Meet ‘Trevor’ The World’s Loneliest Duck, Now It Has Put Tiny Island Niue On The World Map

Trevor is the world’s loneliest duck which recently became popular after photos showing the duck alone in its puddle went viral.

‘Trevor The Mallard’ as the duck is popularly known, was found in an island called Niue which was practically unknown before images of the duck went viral. Today, the world knows about the island due to Trevor’s popularity.

“I think Trevor is an excellent ambassador for Niue and the reason I say that, is that he has raised the profile of people globally who may or may not have been aware of Niue’s existence beforehand,” Felicity Bollen, chief executive officer of Niue Tourism, told the ABCs Pacific Beat program.

PHOTO Locals seem to agree the duck cannot stay in its ever-vanishing puddle forever.

“We pride ourselves on being a funny, quirky little island and he fits with the quirkiness, so he’s a perfect fit from a marketing perspective for our country.”
But she insists her marketing team isn’t responsible.
“I wish I’d had the brilliance to think of it myself but no, he literally just showed up one day and I’ve actually just driven past him … he looked quite happy this morning, splashing around in his puddle, surrounded by some resident roosters,” Ms Bollen said.

PHOTO The duck is widely known as “Trevor”, after New Zealand’s speaker of the House of Representatives, Trevor Mallard.

The Niue Premier is a fan too of the island’s new ambassador, and has dismissed suggestions that Trevor might need to be sent to New Zealand to help him overcome his loneliness.
“We’re not going to bother about sending it, it’s very happy to be here so I’m happy to have it here,” Premier Toke Talagi told Pacific Beat.
In fact, he’s open to finding a companion for Trevor.




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