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Most Expensive Salon In The World Where You Get A Haircut For N9.5 Million

This may sound unbelievable but some socialites spend £20,000 (N9.5 Million)  on a haircut. But before you say anything, just know that the man who gives the hair cut is not just a normal barber. He is top British stylist, Stuart Phillips, a man of high-profile international repute, with presence in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Here you don’t just get a haircut, you also get a body guard to walk you around and stay with you throughout the time of service, including dog walkers to entertain your pets. If you come around with a friend, that person can get a haircut at a discounted rate of $8,000. If you also want, a special sent will be sprayed in the vent the atmosphere will have the scent of paradise.

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Title: Stuart Phillips Hair Salon, London, UK

Phillips says his service is becoming increasingly popular.

The service, which he provides from his salon in London’s Covent Garden, is particularly favoured by the wives of Russian Oligarchs.

Phillips, who became a favourite among Hollywood stars after the British Academy of Film and Television made him their first official stylist, entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive haircut in 2007.

Stuart Phillips

Back then it was just £8,000. Today, he has an upgraded service costing more than twice as much.

He told the Daily Mail: ‘Some clients pay £20,000 for a haircut but for that price they get my undivided attention.

‘I am available to them for the whole day and we make sure they have the best of everything.

‘I have had to provide everything from security teams and bodyguards, exotic and expensive oils to wash through the clients hair, interpreters, personal chefs, special scents put through the ventilation system, and even dog walkers to entertain their pets.’

Phillips added that he also gives the special guests the opportunity to bring a friend, offering to cut their friend’s hair at a discounted rate of just £8,000.

Clients are given a 20 point questionnaire to fill in stipulating their requirements. Questions include: ‘Would you like your bodyguard to wait behind you or by the front door?’ And ‘Would you like your personal shopper to shop with you or for you?’

Although he admits that hefty price tag, which is close to the average Brit’s salary of £24,000, might seem extraordinary to most people, his elite clients find it easy to justify.

It is clear that this is not a place where anyone just walks in to have a haircut. It is really for the classy and gorgeously rich.

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