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See Chinese Highway Interchange That Looks Like A Giant Rollercoaster (Video)

China is know for high-tech achievements in every facet of life including road construction. But this particular interchange looks a bit weird from an aerial perspective. It really looks like a giant rollercoaster. This is really exceptional technology that China has put in place here in the area of road construction.

China is very popular for its bewildering and oftentimes confusing highway interchanges. The Qianchun interchange in the mountainous province of Guizhou is the only one that actually looks like a giant rollercoaster for cars and trucks.

Construction on the Qianchun Interchange began in 2009, but the massive road knot was only completed in 2017. It comprises of 18 different ramps, in 8 directions, on five different layers, with the highest one standing 37 meters above ground. Like the nearby Huangjuewan Overpass, in Chongqing, this incredibly complex infrastructure project has been labelled a nightmare for motorists trying to find their way around.

You might need an experienced ‘tour guide’ to navigate your way through this interchange or you might spend hours driving round and round.

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