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Bizarre Toilet Restaurant Where People Enjoy Poop-shaped Delicacies (Watch Video)

One thing toilets are not associated with is eating food. But checkout this wacky concept.

There is a restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, that is unique for it’s toilet-themed interior and food concept. It is a Modern Toilet Restaurant that serves as popular tourist attraction in Taipei.

The Taipei-based chain of eateries started out as an ice-cream shop serving up swirls of soft-serve chocolate ice cream in containers shaped like toilets. The ice cream is shaped like poop and served inside a container that is designed to look like a toilet bowl.

The eatery moved further in 2004 to become a sit-down restaurant where customers sit on toilets, not chairs. The restaurant serves traditional Taiwanese delicacies like hot pot and seafood, along with more international dishes like spaghetti and chicken nuggets.

The unique thing is that they are served in containers that look like toilets and they actually look like poop inside the containers. That’s actually what makes it fun.

All beverages are served in urinal-shaped cups. So anything you are drinking will seem as if you’re drinking urine.

A young couple enjoys dinner at Modern Toilet Restaurant in Ximending Taipei Taiwan

What a concept. You might need to try this out. It could be your closest opportunity to enjoy eating poop in a toilet.

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