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Cannibalistic Restaurant In Tokyo Where Food Is Served As ‘Human Flesh’ (Watch Video)

This is one of the weirdest experiences you could have. A restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, gives you the experience of eating human flesh from ‘bodies’ cut and served before you.

Meals are served in what looks like human beings. If you want male or female corpse you place the order. As you cut open the human body red juice comes out to give you a feeling of blood gushing out from the flesh you’re about to eat. It’s like making a meat pie shaped to look like a human being.Sushi is a popular delicacy among the Japanese. In Tokyo, there’s a very strange and frightening sushi restaurant called the Cannibalistic. It tries to reflect the cherished Japanese tradition of serving sushi on the body of a naked. Reports haven’t that this tradition led to the opening of the unique ‘cannibal restaurant’.
What really happens here? The usual sushi is served in the special way. The Cannabalistic Sushi looks more like a real corpse hall.
Guests lace order and wait for the waiter, who leads the ‘body’ to them. In front of the visitors’ eyes the skilled waiter cuts open the body with the help of scalpels and offers the guests to catch the meal.
YouTube find the Sushi hidden within the realistic model. As the waiter disects the ‘corpse’ red sauce flows out to give a feeling of blood coming out of real human flesh you’re about to eat. The service process and the autopsy are incredibly realistic thanks to the special effects.
Well, you might need to have special courage to ‘enjoy’ the Sushi as this is the closest you might getvti eating human flesh.
The original packaging of the dish made from dough, and the special sauce imitates the blood. Absolutely all parts of the corpse are edible, but not all guests dare to try them. Guests of the unusual Tokyo restaurant can choose either men’s or women’s body.

Anyone who wants to ‘personally dissect the corpse’, you should not be afraid of the ‘bloody’ sauce. What you see inside the packaged ‘dead body’ is even more impressive – all the sushi and sashimi have the form of human organs.

Tokyo’s Cannibalistic Sushi is the closest you can ever get to tasting human flesh. At this sushi spot, diners play an edible version of the classic board game Operation, dissecting a dough-made corpse filled with organ-shaped sushi that customers must fish out to eat.
Upon incision, red sauce leaks from the body to give the illusion of blood. Both male and female corpses are available to order.

The body is made with dough, inside it is stashed with snacks and other delicacies you have ordered.
Would you mind having the experience?

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