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Sex Starved Husband Cuts Off His P3nis With Kitchen Knife

An Indian man took an extreme option to express his frustration after his wife repeatedly denied him sex for years.
The sex-starved man whose wife refused to allow him have sex with her cut off his own manhood out of frustration.
Daily Mail reports that the 37-year-old man, Ghasi Ram from Uttar Pradesh, used a kitchen knife to chop off his manhood because of his wife, Manjhiri Devi, told him she was done with sex and has stuck to her guns since then.

The report stated that Ram, a father of three, returned home from an outing started pestering his 34-year-old wife for sex but when she kept turning down his demands.
Ram reportedly got angry and in a fit of rage, ran to the kitchen and stormed out with a knife in hand and before Devi knew what was happening, Ram had sliced off his manhood and collapsed on the floor.
His wife called for help and a doctor was brought in but he was taken to a hospital where he was treated.
After medical attention was given to him, Ram blamed his wife for his action, saying:
“We have not had sex for the last ten or twelve years. She would never make love to me. She will not sit close to me and always refuses my demands.”
However, the wife has denied her husband’s claim, stating that he came home most nights drunk and never cared about her.
She said:“I just simply said no to him as he was drunk and I was very angry with him. Now he is blaming me for all this when I have done nothing.”
The incident is said to have thrown Ram’s family and that of his wife into apprehension after doctors told them his manhood may not function again.

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