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Magician In Trouble After Snake He Swallowed Refused To Come Out (Watch Video)

A magician got more than he planned after the snake he forced into his mouth could not be pulled out.

The incident which happened in Lagos was recorded and and shared on social media. The video has since gone viral.

It was gathered that the man had put the snake in his mouth and brought it out to the delight of the audience but when he did it again, the snake refused to come out.

The magician who wore red and black attire continued to force the snake out of his mouth but wasn’t successful. He even tried by coughing vigorously but still couldn’t bring out the snake from his mouth.

While he continued with different styles to pull out the reptile, others who had gathered to watch the magic, looked on including passersby and motorists. It didn’t take long before people discovered that the man was in trouble.

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