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How This Woman Got Romantic And Married Her Love At 93

Romance has nothing to do with age, as this story proves. Here’s a woman who found a man she loves at the age of 93 and married him without delay. The man is even younger than her. At 87, he still found the woman  romantic as ever.

The great-grandmother tied the knot after finding her “Mr. Rught” at the age of 90.

Widow Dorothy Williams, now 93, from Macomb, Michigan, believed she wouldn’t fall in love again after the death of her first husband two decades ago.
But that changed when she met her now-husband Richard Rola, 86, at a polka dancing class three years ago.

Just 18 months later, Richard got down on one knee and proposed to Dorothy while on holiday with her family.

Last month, in front of 200 friends and family, Dorothy and Richard tied the knot, with the bride donning a short pink dress, gold sequin tennis shoes and a flowers in her hair to suggest ‘blooming youth’.
The couple were introduced after Dorothy’s son John met Mr Rola while providing a roofing estimate and thought he would make a ‘nice friend’ for his mother.

‘He seemed like a really nice guy,’ John said. As we talked, I found out that we were both Polish. And, I kind of thought he would be a nice friend for my mother.

‘I told him that my wife Beth and I, and my mother went Polka dancing in Marysville each week. I invited him to join us. He did.’
Mr Rola, a retired IBM worker said, ‘I just could not believe how much Dorothy and I matched each other on so many levels.

‘Then, one day, she told me how much she enjoyed being with me. And, she said she wished she could always be with me.
‘When she let me know how she felt about me, it was like somebody had hit me with a sledgehammer. I knew right away, what I was going to do. That was all I needed.

‘I was so happy, that I decided at that very moment, that I was going out the very next day and buy her a ring.’

With a flair for romance, Mr Rola waited until they were on holiday with her family and came up with a way to surprise her with a proposal.

Source: Daily Mail 

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