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See ‘Mad’ Man Who Buys and Reads National Newspaper Everyday To Keep Informed

Mental ill-health is a challenge that keeps the victims ‘out of order’, especially from normal activities. The least in the ‘unwell mind’ of that person would be reading newspapers.

But a particular man in Uyo, capital of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria seems to have changed that narrative.

A mad man in Uyo has been buying Punch newspaper, one of the leading national dailies in Nigeria, and reading everyday to keep informed about thing happening in the country and beyond. Can you believe that?
This information was shared on Facebook by Collins Oscar, an author in Akwa Ibom state, best known for his book ‘Idiots with BSc’. He shared shocking photos of a known madman in Uyo he observed buys and read the newspaper on a daily basis.

Collins shared the photos of the madman buying a newspaper with the following caption;

How many of you know this madman that’s always at Udotungubo traffic light?

I noticed something unique about him and today I decided to take pictures of him in the process without his knowledge.
This madman is always buying PUNCH newspaper for himself every day to update himself about the current issues of the nation. Punch newspaper is sold for #200 a copy.
I believe he has been putting aside #200 every day just to buy a newspaper.

As a future leader, when last did you consciously, sacrificially and intelligently add knowledge to yourself through reading?

If you can’t remember, then this madman is by far better than you.

This story immediately went viral after it was shared by Collins.

Some social media users are wondering whether the guy is actually mad.

What do you think about this?

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