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People Jump Out Of Cars to Scramble For Cash as Armoured Truck Leaks Money Over New Jersey Highway (Watch Video)

What looked like dollar rain happened in New Jersey after an armoured truck spilled money along the highway leading to a great scramble.

The armoured truck spilled cash across a New Jersey highway, leading to two crashes as drivers “went a little bit crazy”, stopping their cars and scrambling to grab the money.
The frenzy happened during the morning rush hour in East Rutherford, near MetLife Stadium, where the New York Giants and New York Jets play.

In videos posted across social media, a man in uniform is seen running through traffic trying to collect money, while others exited their cars to do the same.

“People went a little bit crazy when they saw the money,” said Danielle Shah, 29, who witnessed the incident from a bus she was riding into New York.
The security truck can be seen parked to the right of the road with its lights flashing as the bills blew around the highway.

One video showed the bashed-in front end of a sedan as traffic crawled through the blizzard of bills.

Police said the chaos led to two crashes, though it was unclear whether anyone was injured.

Police Captain Phil Taormina said it appeared the armoured vehicle had an issue with the lock on one of its doors.

In a statement, security company Brink’s confirmed the truck was its and said an investigation was underway, but declined further comment.

Police said they did not know how much money spilled.
They later said that people could arrange to return any collected cash without facing charges.

They said some people had already reached out to them about giving back the money and urged them to do so.
It was not the first time a cash spill has occurred involving a Brink’s truck.

In May, a truck spilled hundreds of thousands of dollars on an Indianapolis interstate when its back doors swung open.

A similar incident unfolded in Maryland in 2012, though only about $US6,000 ($8,323) spilled out then.


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