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‘Christmas Tree’ Erected In The Middle Of A Village As Gift To Residents Was Stolen From Cemetery – Police

There was quiet outrage in the Stroimash village outside the city of Sterlitamak in the Republic of Bashkortostan on Monday after it was discovered that a beautiful New Year Tree (Russian Version of Christmas Tree) was actually removed from a cemetery.

In Russia, the winter holiday is celebrated as New Year holiday in place of the popular Christmas winter holiday. So the usual Christmas tree is referred to as the New Year Tree.

The massive scandal shook the village after it was revealed that the New Year tree, erected in the center of the village, was actually taken from a local cemetery, report’s rt.com.

It was further gathered that the gorgeous 25-year-old fir came from the grave of famous architect, Yury Podryadov.

Earlier, a group of charitable activists vowed to provide a tree to the village as a New Year’s gift. But now the police are searching for them due to the unconventional way they chose to fulfil their promise.

The administration, meanwhile, decided to replace the cemetery fir with another one after its origins became known.

In Soviet times, the New Year replaced Christmas as the main winter holiday and the tradition remains strong in modern Russia. As for Christmas, Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of Christ on January 7 due to the difference between the Julian and the Gregorian calendars.

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