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Chocolate Factory Tank Spills and Turns Road Into Chocolate Highway

An accident in a chocolate factory led to an unexpected invention by creating the world’s first chocolate road.

Massive amount of chocolate spilled from a tank in the factory onto a nearby road, creating an amazing sight of a chocolate tar on the road.
Firefighters in the town of Werl in western Germany tackled an unusual emergency late on Monday when a tank at a local firm making liquid chocolate overflowed and poured out onto a street.

“About a ton of chocolate ran out into the yard and from there onto the street,” a spokesman for the Werl fire department said in a statement.

The firefighters closed off the street and shoveled the chocolate – about 10 square meters (108 square feet) – to one side before a specialist cleaning company cleaned the road.

Via Reuters


“Despite this heartbreaking incident, it is unlikely that a chocolate-free Christmas is imminent in Werl,” the fire department said.

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