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College Teacher Allegedly Dismissed For Having A Big Butt (Watch Video)

This is the viral story of how a who was allegedly sacked for having a big butt. People are still doubting the authenticity of this story, as some online users allege that the woman must have planted it herself to gain attention. Well, if that was her initial plan, then she succeeded. A viral video showing the lady in class flaunting her backside has been buzzing the internet since last week. This has raised controversial debate online as some say the woman is a distraction to students because of her indecent dressing in class while others say she owes no one any apologies for her dressing.

Someone even suggested the lady deserves a pay raise for making students come to class (reports have it that the class is always filled up whenever she arrives to teach).

If this lady is actually a teacher and she dresses this way to class, what is your opinion on that?

Watch video;

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