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Realistic Snake Print Stockings To Go On Sale

There’s already a massive online booking for the first set of realistic snake print stockings to go on sale. It appears no one wants to be left behind when this latest fashion hits the streets. You might need to place your order now or you lose out.

Photo: Mimi/Twitter

Japanese fashion design studio, Mimi, recently launched a collection of awkwardly realistic snake-print stockings that make your legs look like real snakes.

Mimi claims its new snake pattern designs put all previous models to shame as they are based on scans of real snakes adapted to fit human legs. The upper portion is designed to mimic snake scales, while the part that goes over the foot replicates a snake head that changes its expression whenever the wearer moves their toes.

Photo: Mimi/Twitter

Some of the pairs are even designed to make the back of the legs mimic the snake’s abdomen to enhance the optical illusion.
These snake pattern stockings come in multiple models, based on different snake species, like cobra or boa constrictor and even mythological snake monsters.

Photo: Mimi/Twitter

A photo of these ultra-realistic snake stockings recently went viral on Reddit, and it got over 15,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments. Everyone seemed to want to get their hands on a pair, either for themselves or as a creepy Christmas gift.

Photo: Mimi/Twitter

Mimi’s snake stockings are currently built on the studio’s own online store, but also on BiblioMania, and even Amazon.
So what’s your decision? Are you going for it or buying it for someone as a precious gift?


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  1. See me see madness, women will not kill me in this world with fashion,I can’t purchase this with my hard earn money before someone cuts off my like for snake

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