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Top 15 Scariest Bridges In The World (Watch Unbelievable Video)

Bridges are built to ensure safe passage of people, cattle, and vehicles over water bodies, mountain valleys, and other tough terrains. So in most cases, the essence of bridges is to make life easy. But some bridges seem to cause more fear than safety when seen for the first time. Architects and designers have built some impossibly impressive structures of steel, wood, glass, and cable. A good number of these bridges are unbelievably frightening.

Here is a list of a the top 15 scariest bridges around the world. You need to be brave to cross these bridges. This is a list of bridges you won’t believe existed on earth. These bridges are so scary that you would wonder how people manage to use them. Some users even see it as fun while on the bridges. From the one that has a glass bottom to others that seem like they’re just barely structurally sound, this video presents bridges that are downright frightening. Just watch this video and see whether you could try any of them or opt for alternative routes.



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