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Top 15 Most Beautiful & Unique Coffins In The World

Coffins are seen by some as something that contains a corpse and requires no special treatment. But some others see coffins as befitting permanent resting place which should have some form of class and finesse in honour of the dead. This has led to some form of creativity applied in construction of coffins to make them unique and beautiful.

People do creative experiments with coffin’s designs and come up with very unique products. Some of these coffins are so unique and beautiful that one would even love to die for them. Scroll down and see some of the very unique and most beautiful coffins in the world.

I bet you’ve never seen a computerized coffin before. Everything is digitally pattern to ensure a perfect final resting place.

When your final resting place is actually an exotic ride you were dreaming of while alive, you wouldn’t mind having this last ride.

If you love music, here’s where you could rest and never miss good music you loved while alive. Unique isn’t it?

Going home ‘in’ a smartphone might not be a bad idea. Just find out how network is down there.

Those who live fashion would mind permanently keeping in touch with their best footwear. This unique coffin made in Ghana won’t be a bad idea for footwear lovers.

Probably the best way to ensure you don’t part ways with your best drink.

This looks like it will probably take you straight to paradise. Someone might even wish to stay in this superbly exotic piece while alive and wait probably wait patiently for death. That’s the feeling this unique coffin brings.

Some people might prefer a private jet but Ghana Airways is not a bad way to fly home permanently.

The Surgeon General warns that smokers are liable to die young. But what if you don’t stop smoking and in fact, go home in your best cigarette? It means you will smoke forever. This is probably an impression this coffin gives.



If you love fresh fish, keeping permanently in touch with your best delicacy wouldn’t be a bad idea. This unique coffin let’s you enjoy that privilege.

Health experts advise that fruits are good for your health. Having a pineapple ending won’t be a bad way to heed that advice.

Might be a nice way to find out whether you could be part of the last supper finally. Nice piece though.

The beauty of the environment is something you might find difficult to resist. So why not make it your permanent place of rest? Nice one here.

Beautiful designs that can calm your resting place and give you the best picture while there.

Sure, that’s probably a gesture some people would like to keep permanently – kiss forever. But this is a nice job anyway.

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