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Discrimination! ‘PhD Dads’ Invited To Teach Their Kids In Primary School

There is outrage in East China of perceived discrimination after fathers with PhD degrees were invited by a local primary school to teach their children and their classmates. The PhD holders participated in a programme tagged ‘Dr. Dad’s which the school organizes to add value to its academic content.

Pupils at a local primary school practice calligraphy. Photo: CFP

This development lead other parents to complain about unequal education opportunities.

The school in Suzhou, East Chin’s Jiangsu Province gained fame recently for its “Dr. Dad” programme, which invites fathers with PhDs to give lectures about their research in a manner the pupils can understand.

The school is located near the campuses of a number of well-respected universities including Nanjing University.
In 2018 there were 194 PhDs with children enrolled in the school, including 133 fathers and 61 mothers. It’s not known if any of the mothers with PhDs have asked to participate in the Dr. Dad program, but 12 “excellent father-teachers” were featured on the school’s Wechat account.
The PhD dads taught classes in Japanese, biology and geography.

The programme had received commendations from the online community as many many Netizens say the kids are winning from the start line.

Global Times

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