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Top 10 Most Expensive Newborn Baby Items Every Mom Will Love

If you think your newborn should enjoy the life of a royal baby then you should checkout these lovely items.  Parents always want to give only the best for their newborn child. Ensuring comfort and desiring joy for the tiniest and daintiest in the family are just natural inclinations borne from parental instinct. For those who can afford it, the sky’s the limit for newborns. There are lovely baby linens, designer feeding bottles or diamond-studded baby rattles that are never too expensive for parents who love to give their newborn a royal feeling.They may seem expensive but the comfort and exquisite feeling they give will make your baby love you naturally from the cradle.

Let’s look at the top them most expensive newborn items fit for a royal baby.

1. Most Expensive Crib

Fantasy Coach – Price: $65,000 (starting price)

Couture is high fashion and when it comes to a royal bedroom centerpiece, there’s a one-of-a-kind couture crib that’s exclusive only from online luxury baby merchandise seller Posh Tots.

Obviously inspired by the illustrations in the Cinderella fairy tale books (the ones after the pumpkin bubbled into a majestic royal carriage), the Fantasy Coach is an oval-shaped handcrafted crib made in England. Materials used are fiberglass and wood. The quoted price covers only the construction (interior blings and linens come separately) and parents have to wait for more than six months after ordering.

2. Most Expensive Baby Mattress

Bespoke Handcrafted Mattress – Price: $10,000 to $50,000

To sleep on a Hypnos mattress is the closest thing one can get to sleeping on the Queen’s bed. Or putting your precious on soft lumps exactly the same where once-babies William and Harry were laid on. That is because Hypnos is the exclusive mattress maker of the British family for hundreds of years.

It was said that this bedding maker will even reject good quality cashmere if it will clump a mattress it is making. Hypnos mattress for babies are dubbed “bespoke” mattress, or simply put, couture mattress that are handcrafted to the specification of the excellence-conscious parents depending on the size and shape they want for their baby. They can also be made to fit king or queen-size beds.

3. Most Expensive Baby Stroller

The Roddler – Price: $4,495

With its sleek “fender,” this baby transport can be mistaken for a mini car, and that’s because it is designed exactly like that – a classic car based on the 1950s Buick. It also has a “chassis” reminiscent of aircraft designs.

For the seat cover, your baby will never know just yet the value of sitting on a cowhide, stingray or alligator skin, and all while the iPod dock or DVD player is at work to amuse the tot. The steep cost also covers the customized effects, which means your baby’s name (or your own family coat of arms if you have one) can be put on this hot baby wheels.

4. Most Expensive Baby Pillow

Eiderdown Heirloom Silk Pillow – Price: $2,999

Parents who can splurge on cribs and carriages will definitely not think twice about purchasing only the best items that will put their newborns to sleep like a nobility devoid of cares in the world. For this very important mission, one never looks elsewhere but to Eiderdown town, meaning the Eiderdown set of luxury pillows that have been coveted items from birth to old age.

The Heirloom Silk Pillow – Full is great for adults (sold at a higher price of $4,499), but the Soft version makes the best side pillows when putting baby on a larger bed, and as full pillows for older children. It offers royal indulgence with its notable lightness and nice warmth. The 410-thread count heirloom silk materials are said to be hand-collected from Iceland and Scandinavian bird nests.

5. Most Expensive Baby Towel

Hooded Terry Towel and Washcloth Set – Price:  from $2,997

The need to find the perfect fabric to wrap the baby around after a thousand-dollar bathtub break can be a mounting pressure, especially for new parents. That’s why trusted luxury baby company Aden and Anais is fast and furious to the rescue with its ultra-soft and super absorbent terry baby towel set made of 100 percent muslin cotton.

The set comes with a large double layer hooded towel while the four-layer washcloth pair makes for the perfect rub-a-dub for baby’s soft and delicate skin. The special fabric gets softer and softer after each wash, making it even more luxurious for baby bath after every bath.

6. Most Expensive Baby Basket

Egg DoDo Baby Basket – Price: Starts at $2,500

The straw-woven baby basket made by Moses’ mother started it all, and now the white baby basket that Kate Middleton bought from Blue Almonds baby store in London has sent baby basket sales soaring in the UK. The future heir to the British throne’s basket may be the most popular to date, but it is not the most expensive though. That recognition goes to the DoDo Egg Baby Basket.

Featuring multi-directional wheels, this baby basket replicates the warm, safe and soft feeling of a nest, hence the egg shaped design made of natural silk. The overall finished look evokes so many familiar images from a parlor spa tub to Kal-El crib prototype and other things. But hey, this precious mini bed is especially carved from a single piece of wood and comes complete with mattress cover, pillow and comforter.

7. Most Expensive Diaper Bag

Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Diaper Bag – Price: $2,200

For all the various things that’s been said about Louis Vuitton bags and designs, there comes a line that most bag lovers can agree with, the Louis Vuitton baby bags. Currently dubbed as the most expensive diaper-feeding bottle pouch is the brand’s Monogram Mini Lin. The designer features account for much of the cost, but practicality-wise, this bag is also a keeper. Features include an adjustable shoulder strap, side pockets for feeding bottles, key ring holder for fast and easy unzipping and more compartments, plus a washable mat for changing diapers while on the go.

Meantime, in real celebrity fashion, the world’s most expensive diaper bag remains the white Hermes Birkin bag (priced $10,000 and up) that supermodel Kate Moss was photographed using as a diaper bag for her baby daughter several times in the past. Later on, a customized Birkin bag with baby bottle holster was given to her as a gift.

8. Most Expensive Baby Bath Tub

MagicBath Baby Hot Tub – Price: $2,186

It used to be enough that babies are given baths in the same hallowed space where one also wash the face or brush the teeth in the morning. And nobody can accuse anybody of bad parenting just because.

But that practice is certainly a no-no for the meticulous parent, whose ideals of acceptable parenting include giving baby a refreshing dip only in a stylish whirlpool tub with ten air jets that spews out bubbles, where the baby’s bath nurse can see the precious one well immersed in water with underwater LED lights on. The best feature of the MagicBath Baby Hut Tab is an option for reclining or sitting position for babies needing showers. Did we also mention that the tub stands on curved legs? If that is any consideration to the babe.

9. Most Expensive Baby Car Seat

The Carcoon – Price: $745.11

A car seat is one baby item that really good parents should not scrimp on.  Baby car seats are even the subject of engineering tests, and recently Cool Technologies announced its new baby car seat innovation, the Carcoon.

The name is a portmanteau for car and cocoon, since the Carcoon is designed to envelope the baby in a secure, protective shell should an unexpected thing happen while on the road and on the move. A folding airbag that cuddles baby safely while leaving enough breathing space makes this possible. Other features include a fire-proof rear-face corner and a swivel seat so baby can quickly turn toward the car door and can be lifted out quickly.

10. Most Expensive Baby Food

Annabel Karmel Organic Baby Purees – Price: About $19 per 1 kilo

Parents can be too trusting of commercial organic baby foods, or simply just too lazy to brew up a bunch of natural baby goo to feed their infants. For those who’d rather pay than pound the pumpkins, there’s organic baby foods available in stores and on ine, like Annabel Karmel organic baby purees with flavors from yummy Moroccan chicken to cottage pie.

A puree of 100 grams cost about $1.87, or about $19 per one kilo (or ten 100-gram serving, each good for one feeding). One can run up to about $56 a week or $225 a month (more or less depending on how much and how frequent the baby feeding goes). That could definitely add up to a lot of money until baby grows old enough to crave for the real, solid thing.

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