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World Most Expensive Baby Feeding Bottle Costs N51 Million

You’ll surely love this one. Sounds wacky but the wealthy believe their babies should have the best so they go for such outrageously expensive baby items. Here’s the story.

The most expensive baby feeding bottle in the world costs $144,160 (about 51,800,000). You might ask whether the baby is being fed with raw gold and diamond using this feeding bottle. Well, you should read this story to understand the value of this golden feeding bottle. You can see that the mouth of the bottle is made of diamonds, so the baby is practically ‘feeding’ on dazzling diamonds. Wow!

When you hear that a feeding bottle is made with dazzling diamonds and white gold you should know it’s special.
Spanish company, Suommo sells some of the most outrageously expensive baby items this world has ever seen on their website. They created the world’s most expensive pacifier and baby crib, to make it a complete baby set now they have the Doll baby bottle.

Russian Matyoshka dolls inspired pink gold bottle comes in five sizes with each encrusted in dazzling diamonds and white gold, writes luxurytrump. Smallest 25ml bottle carry a $62,500 price tag and larger 250ml $144,160.

It took so much to create the bottle’s ergonomic design and functionality. Each purchase come with a free personalized engraving of baby’s name.


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