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Jail Tourism! Two Men Pay To Spend Two Nights In Prison Just To Have The Experience

Sometimes you feel like changing your environment. You might want to leave your home and try a night on the moon, in an underwater restaurant or even in an imaginary paradise with streets made of pure gold and pizza prepared with diamonds. Definitely not a night in jail. Well, two Malaysian men made global headlines with a stunning decision to pay for two nights in a jail cell just to know what it feels like to be a prisoner. Though this is a throwback Story, it is worth reading.

The world now knows, Ng Inn Wo, a dentist, and his friend Ong Boon Tek, a restaurant owner, after they flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Hyderabad to get jailed. You might say these guys are crazy, but they’re not.

These guys spent a weekend at the Heritage Jail Museum in Telangana, India. The Telangana Prison Department runs the unique jail tourism programme called “Feel The Jail” where anyone can spend 24 hours inside the Sangareddy prison.
This jail is not just any jail. It is unique and truly a tourist attraction. It is more than 220 years old and was constructed in the year 1796 A.D, during the Prime Ministership of Salar Jung I. So you see, you might actually want to know what it feels like to spend a night in such a place (if you have wacky features in you).

From all indications, they seemed to enjoy the stay. After all the formalities were done, they were given their jail clothes and shown to their cell. During their 48-hour stay, they did some gardening, cleaning and other activities assigned to prisoners. They even enjoyed Indian meals cooked by their fellow prisoners (and liked them!). These guys surely had one hell of a story to tell their buddies back home. Seriously, how often do you take a vacation and make it to the newspapers of another country? This is something these two men can boast of.

Well, these two guys sure picked a nice jail to have their wacky experience. There are some developing countries they could try this stunt and end up not coming out in one piece. But this is a smart way to mKe global headlines.

(with reports from India times)

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