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Most Expensive Manicure In The World Costs N18 Million

You might say this is way too expensive but those who patronize this brand seem not to mind. Not after looking at finding out that your finger nails have turned you into an angelic being.

Classy women understand the value of nail art and nail care so they rank it high on the list of their make-up plans. Those with money to spare have no end to manicure options that bring out the best in them. The most expensive luxury manicure in the world costs $ 51,000 (N18,360,000).

Treatment is known as the “Ice Manicure” by Cherish Angulo includes a range of exclusive diamond of 10 carats and manicure is worth $ 51,000. There is a whole team of specialists who are expert in the maintenance and removal of diamonds.

This definitely transforms your outlook once you have it on. Wow! This is no ordinary manicure.

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Source: modern fashions

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