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Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World Costs N360 Million

Before you make any comment, you should know that this polish is made of white diamonds so your nails will dazzle your entire image and transform your outlook, like something from paradise. A high-profile star, Tony Braxton, was spotted wearing this nail polish. It is basically for the gorgeously classy. It is not just a nail polish.

Nails are an extension of what a lady wears, and cool polish always happens to garner a lot of attention and compliments. Classy women understand the value of nail art and nail care so they rank it high on the list of their make-up plans. Those with money to spare have no end to nail polish options that bring out the best in them. Check this out! The most expensive nail polish in the world costs $1 Million (about N360 Million). You might say this is way too expensive but those who patronize this brand seem not to mind. Not after looking at finding out that your finger nails have turned you into an angelic being.

The most expensive nail polish is the white lacquer by Azature. The polish was launched in 2013. It contains 98 carats of white diamonds and the cap of the bottle is lined with 1,400 hand-picked diamonds. R&B singer Toni Braxton was spotted wearing White Diamond on stage and it was actually created with her in mind. Celebrities like Kelly Osbourne have also been spotted with this wildly expensive polish.

This is something really special.

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