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Most Exotic Tombs In The World, With Complete Kitchen, Air-conditioning, Television and Bathroom! Chinese Cemetery In Manila

There are places where people value their dead to extent that they make sure the final resting place for their loved ones is exceptionally comfortable. In fact, in such places, the dead have better resting places than many of the living. There are some other places where relatives bury their dead in comfortable tombs where they can visit them or live permanently with them. Such tombs are made very comfortable both for the living and the dead.

There’s a place in the Philippines described as Beverly Hills of the Dead because of the exotic nature of the tombs in that area. These luxury graves are located in the Chinese Cemetery of Manilla, Philippines. Here you have what is described as apartment tombs, where people legally live with their dead in apartments inside the cemetery. Some of the residents even said that they were born in the cemetry, report’s Messy Nessy.

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A description of this cemetery could amaze you. As Messy Nessy observes, in this cemetery the dead have better houses than the living. Most of these “homes” have their own fully-functioning kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms where relatives can sleep alongside their buried relatives. In some cases, they live amongst the dead full-time. The tombs are bigger than most houses and line real two-way streets within the cemetery grounds. It’s dubbed “the Beverly Hills of the Dead”.

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The Chinese Cemetery of Manila is a neighbourhood all of its own, originally established when the Chinese trading community were prohibited by Spanish colonials from using the Catholic cemeteries. Forced to create their own, it is a unique place where wealthy Chinese families have built little mansions around the graves of their loved ones since the 19th century, to make sure they feel comfortable even in the after life.

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If the family can afford it, these earthly residences can be built up to three stories high.

It has become tradition for the living to spend entire days visiting the deceased, installing household amenities such as TV sets, couches and flushing toilets inside the tombs.
Over the years, some visitors have become a little too relaxed amongst the dead and end up living there permanently.

Neighborhood in the cemetery

The mausoleums have well-maintained patios like a quaint suburban neighbourhood, which also has a civic association, telephone lines and a local restaurant.

There’s a functional community in the cemetery

The one-of-a-kind cemetery has become a curious tourist attraction of sorts, and you can hire professional guides to take you on a tour through Manila’s vast city of the dead to see the most interesting tombs, or pay the caretaker around 200 pesos to make sure you don’t get lost.
This sounds like an interesting tourist destination. May be you should check it out when you’re in Manila.

(with reports from Messy Nessy)

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