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This Japanese Company’s Job Is To Confess Your Feelings To Your Crush If You’re Too Shy To Do That

For guys or girls who are too shy to express their feelungs to their crush and ask them out in a date, here’s a Japanese company which specializes in doing so on behalf of clients. Just point at your crush and relax, they have special people to do that on your behalf.

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Japanese company Kokunavi, offers unique services for clients who are too shy to approach their crush. All you need do is just pay them to do it on your behalf.

The company’s name is a combination of two words – the Japanese word “kokuhaku” (confession of love) and “navigation”. It is committed to helping shy people make their feelings known to their crushes without having to go through the emotionally distressing experience of actually confessing their crush. What Kokunavi does is that it will have someone else approach the client’s crush and convey a romantic message on their behalf. Think of it like having a friend deliver a love letter to your high school crush, if that friend charged a lot of money to do it.
Kokunavi offers three different package, with the Simple Course being the cheapest, most basic option. For 29,000 yen ($260), the Japanese company will have someone convey the client’s message to their crush, and then come back with their response. If you have a little more cash to spend in order to increase your chances of hooking up with your crush, you can opt for Kokunavi’s Support Pack Course, which includes two or three meetings with the company’s expert staff, during which clients will receive advice on what to say to their confession of love, as well as on the right time and place to have it delivered. This superior package is priced at 59,000 yen ($530).

Then comes the Premium Package which consists of four or five meetings with Kokunavi staff to go over all the things included in the Support Package, as well as data analysis of the company’s previous projects, to figure out which confession delivery method has the higher method of success. Or, as the company describes this package, “as long as you know who you want to confess our love to, we can help you plan everything else”.

On its official website, Kokunavi assure potential clients that there’s no shame in using their services to confess to their crush, and uses testimonials to show how their effective their methods can be.
“I’m really glad I went to Kokunavi for help, my love confession was successful, and I was really impressed at their professional techniques,” one 25-year-old woman allegedly said.

For those that fear 4th e possibility of their crush falling in love with the company staff delivering your confession, the company mentions that it employs both men and women for the job, to minimize the chances of that happening.

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