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Japanese Company Specializes In Plucking White Hair From Customers’ Head

If you’re looking for how to keep white hair off your head, there’s a Japanese company that specializes in removing white hair from clients’ head.

Shiraganuki Main Store, a white-hair-removal specialty shop in Tokyo, Japan, charges people for the service of removing white hairs by hand, leaving them looking years younger.

Pulling out your own gray hairs is tedious work, and constantly asking someone else to do it for you can become embarrassing after a while, but luckily, the staff at Shiraganuki Main Store is more than happy to do it for you, if you’re willing to pay them for it. The store charges 3,980 yen ($36) for 30 minutes of white hair plucking, 7,480 yen ($67) for 60 minutes, and an extra 1,000 yen ($9) for every 10 additional minutes spent ridding your head of those pesky signs of aging. That’s not cheap, but let’s face it, pulling hairs one by one using tweezers is not the easiest thing in the world.

“They don’t cause major stress, but those white hairs have always bothered you. It’s not easy asking someone to pluck them out for you, and it’s harder than it looks to do it yourself,” the Shiraganuki Main Store websitestates. “Therefore, we’ve started this new shop specializing in the removal of white hair.”

Shiraganuki, which literally translates as “white hair removal”, says that the number of white hairs that can be pulled from a person’s head depends on a variety of factors, like the length of the hair and whether the person used any hair-styling products, but the store’s specialized staff averaged between 30 and 70 hairs per 10 minutes, on average.
One of the most common question people ask the store staff when inquiring about this unique service is “does it hurt”, to which the Shiraganuki Main Store answers “It depends on the person. Most people voice that it doesn’t hurt, but you won’t know until you try. Don’t worry because we will stop partway through if it hurts too much.”
Anytime you get into Tokyo and want to get your white hairs plucked by specialized staff, you can book an appointment via online form, on the Shiraganuki website.

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