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Woman Eats Live Bugs Everyday To Prevent Cancer (Video)

A woman has taken the internet by storm after viral video and images show her life style of eating live bugs everyday with the hope of preventing cancer.

The mum popularly called the ‘Queen of Cosmetic Procedures’ has defended what some people described as her ‘disgusting’ decision to eat living bugs everday in the hope of preventing cancer.


Marcela Iglesias, from Los Angeles, California, consumes five Chinese weevils a day – either swallowing them raw or taking them in a shot of water or celery juice.

She believes the bugs can reduce the growth of cancerous tumours – supporting the immune system as well as combatting arthritis, chronic pain and digestive issues, report’s StoryTender.

Eating them alive means that once in the digestive system the bugs supposedly release ‘coleotoxins’ which are believed to have multiple health benefits.


Medical studies are yet to conclusively substantiate the claims, however one study from 2011 states it reduced tumour cell growth by more than 70 per cent, while others dispute it.

But for Marcela, she doesn’t care even if the benefits turnout to be bogus, seeing it as a good natural source of protein and believing she has ‘nothing to lose’ by taking them.

And despite being branded ‘disgusting’ due to her appetite for bugs, the mum believes it’s better than eating meat and is better for the digestive system.

Marcela said: “I don’t feel gross at all, I don’t see them as a disgusting thing, even when they are crawling over my tongue.

“The bugs have a lot of health benefits, not only for potentially curing cancer but arthritis, chronic pain, digestive issues and more – in Asia it is very popular to eat bugs.

“There are a lot of natural benefits to consuming them, I don’t feel gross eating them, they don’t taste like anything.

“You have to eat them alive because when they die in your digestive system, they release a toxin called coleotoxin, which has all these benefits especially for stopping the spread of tumours.


“In my eyes it’s a win-win situation, for me I take them to see if my body will feel any different.

“The worst-case scenario is that they don’t do anything and it’s all a lie, but at least I’m consuming protein from them as I do not consume animal protein.

“At the moment I drink or eat around five a day, I don’t think I have any type of disease so don’t need to have more.

“People who have cancer and other diseases consume way more as they know they have to prevent the disease from coming back.

“I only started two months ago, so maybe in six months something will happen, but people online are very grateful to them.”


Marcela’s beliefs surrounding the possible health benefits of eating the Chinese weevil, stem from a close friend battling terminal cancer.

After beating it once, he was given six months to live with further chemotherapy, but the mechanic – who wishes to remain anonymous – rejected treatment.

Despite the perilous prognosis, he has defied doctors’ expectations living for more than six years now, without western medication.

He believes the reason behind his longevity has been consuming 40-50 of the bugs every day.

Marcela said: “He was given six months to live after his cancer returned, but he refused chemo because it made him feel horrible.

“He eats 40-50 of the Chinese weevils a day, with no other medicine for cancer and has been alive for six years without the cancer coming back.”

Marcela keeps her colonies of Chinese weevils – known in her home county of Argentina, as ‘Gorgojo Chino’ – in her living room and affirms they are very low maintenance.

Every 15 days she cleans their containers, replacing their pieces of bread, wheat and the lettuce that they use for water.

The bugs rapidly multiply but to obtain them, no money should be exchanged as they are supposed to be gifted for free as a cure to others.

Marcela said: “To start using them someone has to pass them to you, you can’t buy them, it’s not supposed to be a bug business it’s supposed to be people helping one another.

“It’s supposed to help people cure themselves naturally without paying for it.

“They reproduce like crazy, it’s insane, they are in my living room but never try to escape from their little container.

“I often check on them to see them progressing from larva to adolescent and then adult.”

Marcela insists that eating bugs is not ‘gross’ and is way better than consuming meat.

She added: “A few of my friends say, ‘Oh my god, it’s disgusting’ but to me it’s way better than eating any meat.

“It’s much easier for the body to digest bugs than a piece of meat, it can take hours to digest and forces the body to use so much energy.

“For a piece of meat, you also don’t see what goes on behind closed doors.”

Source: StoryTender

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