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Crime Suspect Nabbed After Applying For Police Job

A crime suspect in China has been nabbed after he went for a job interview with the police thinking that identification exam will not be strict.

The suspect surnamed Zhao confesses to local police in Lanshan county, Central China’s Hunan Province. Photo: Sina Weibo of Yongzhou Public Security Bureau

The wanted online suspect went all the way to a local police station in Lanshan county, Central China’s Hunan Province on Friday in search of job.

He was trying to apply for an auxiliary police job, and was “welcomed” by the police, report’s Global Times.

When a policeman was checking his qualifications, he discovered the applicant was a wanted online suspect whose family name is Zhao.

The police officer took Zhao to the watchroom pretending to know nothing and then detained him.

Zhao had been avoiding arrest after allegedly committing a crime. Upon hearing that the Lanshan county was recruiting new auxiliary police, he thought he might be lucky enough to find a job there.

He believed that the identification examination would not be strict. However, Zhao was soon found to be an online suspect.

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