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Woman Discovers Boyfriend Is Poor, Fakes Her Own Kidnapping and Murder To Breakup With Him

A woman who discovered her boyfriend was not as rich as she had thought, took a bizarre option to break up with him.

The 37-year-old woman from Wuhan, in central China’s Hubei Province, was recently arrested after it was revealed that she had faked her own kidnapping and murder at the hands of her ex-husband in order to avoid having to break up with her current boyfriend, whose financial situation she considered lacking. The woman, surnamed Yu, had been dating her boyfriend, Lin, for a while, but she only learned that he was poor after visiting his home during the Chinese New Year. It was something she apparently just couldn’t get over, so she decided to leave him, but fearing that he would get clingy and refuse rejection if she simply told him she wanted to end the relationship, Yu devised a plan to make herself disappear.
On February 21st, shortly after returning from the disappointing visit to Lin’s home town, Yu disappeared from the couple’s dormitory at the Huangpi Jiahai Industrial Park, and a few minutes later she called her boyfriend to tell him that she had been kidnapped by her ex-husband.

“Come and save me, my ex-husband has kidnapped me. Come quickly! I think I’m on the highway already,” the 37-year-old woman said before abruptly ending the call.

To make her kidnapping seem more believable, Yu then sent her boyfriend several text messages pretending to be her kidnapper, warning him that she would be killed if he dared call the police. She then followed up with more texts, informing Lin that she had been killed and her body had been thrown in a lake.
Unable to negotiate with the “kidnapper”, a distressed Lin eventually called the police. After being informed about the situation, local police started investigating surveillance footage in Wuhan and three days ago they were able to track down Yu to a small motel in Wuhan’s Tenglong district. But when they arrived on the scene officers were shocked to find the alleged victim casually lying on the bed, watching TV.

When questioned by police about her kidnapping, the “surprisingly calm” woman told them that she had recently found out that her boyfriend was poor, and that she had faked her own kidnapping and murder, hoping that he would just “give up” and move on with his life.

Yu added that she had initially planned to trick her boyfriend into leaving the dormitory so she could sneak back in, pack her things, and then disappear, but after realizing that Lin had the only key to the place, she devised the kidnapping plan.
According to the Wuhan Evening News, Yu has been detained by police for 10 days, for disrupting social order.

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  1. Stupidity
    It is absurd, so for months or years you were dating him you didn’t know

  2. Nwakile Maureen Uzoma

    She went an extra mile.Does she has to resort to crime to break up with him? simply she can say it out no matter how the boyfriend will react to it

  3. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Radarada of the highest order

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  5. Ezedimbu uchenna Vivian

    She should have be straight forward to d guy ,that she loves money more than love ,which gals ,this days love ,no girl want to suffer ,I feel her pain …

  6. Ezedimbu uchenna Vivian

    This is bad of her ,this re the kind of women ,men wrongful. Judge ladies ,this days ….

  7. Atleast the boy will see this now and know he was decieved. Truth is always better than lies and tricks.

  8. The woman is not serious, some people can so act strange.

  9. Just because she wanted to end the relationship, that was the least she could come up with. So not cool

  10. Some women are so annoying, unkind and unnderstading

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