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Man Spends Thousands To Build kiln-like Oven Just To Roast Entire Cow

A man in Northwest China spent 30,000 yuan ($4,470) and three days building a rock kiln to roast the entire carcass of a cow, which he then invited dozens of villagers to share with him.

The man uses a front-end loader to lower the carcass into the pit. Source: Pear Video

The man surnamed Ma in Lanzhou, Gansu Province first built a fire pit into the side of a trench and then a two-meter-tall kiln-shaped oven. A front-end loader lowered the carcass into the pit where it roasted for five hours, Pear Video reported on Tuesday.

“This method of barbecuing in a rock kiln is a local tradition, handed down from generation to generation. It makes the meat delicious,” said Ma. The kiln made of stacks of large rocks and boulders collapsed twice during construction, he said.

The meat on the roasted carcass was well spiced and charred on the outside, red and juicy inside. Ma gobbled down a piece of beef which he tore off by hand. The carcass was then laid out on its back and villagers took their turns taking strips of meat.

Source: Global Times 

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