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Shocking Footage Emerges Of Kids Playing On Busy Highway After Escaping Childcare Center (Watch Video)

Frightening dash-cam footage has emerged of two young children running towards oncoming traffic on a busy road in Werribee, after they managed to escape a nearby childcare centre. Werribee is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The video footage shows two little children running across two lanes of traffic on Ballan Road near the Werribee West Family Centre about 10am.

Disturbing dash-cam footage has emerged of two young children running onto a busy road in city’s west after they managed to escape a nearby childcare centre.
One child can be seen dashing onto the 70km/h road first with shocked motorists coming to a complete standstill.

The child then pauses briefly and appears to call the other child onto the road while drivers start getting out of their cars in an attempt to rescue the children.

Both the children then run towards a traffic island in the middle of the road.

Motorists travelling on the other side of the road can then be seen stopping and getting out of their vehicles as the two children run across another lane of traffic.

One witness, Andy, said he was driving along Ballan Road when he spotted the two children who he estimated were only about three or four years old.

“From what I could gather the two children were from a nearby daycare,” the Wyndham Vale resident said. “The kids were in good spirits, waving at cars and saying hello. They didn’t seem upset.”

But Andy said he feared for the safety of the children as the road was often full of trucks travelling from a nearby quarry.

“Myself and several other motorists stopped to watch them until staff arrived,” he said.

“I’m not going to speculate on how they got out as I don’t know [but] either way, it’s quite concerning. From what I could tell staff were unaware of what had occurred, another motorist drove to the daycare to alert them – it was only then that staff came over and collected the kids.”

As the children run across the second lane of traffic a concerned man can be seen getting out of his car and racing over to the children.

He holds both their hands and takes them to safety on the side of the road.

Moments later a frantic woman, believed to be one the workers from the childcare centre, runs across the road towards the children.

Another two childcare workers can then be seen running across the road a few seconds later.

Two of the workers then pick up the children and carry them back to the centre.

The childcare centre declined to comment on the incident.
Early Childhood Management Services, which oversees running the childcare centre, said an investigation was under way.

“The alleged incident has been referred to the Victorian Education and Training Department who are currently conducting an investigation.”

The education department confirmed late Tuesday it had started an investigation.

“The health and safety of children in early childhood centres and schools is of utmost importance,” a department spokesman said.

“As the regulatory authority, the Department of Education and Training investigates incidents where children are unsupervised while attending early childhood services. As the matter is being investigated, we cannot provide further comments.”
The spokesman added that the Werribee West Family Centre is operated by a third-party early childhood services provider, not the education department.

Source: The Age


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