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Police Arrest 3 Naked Women After Wild Chase

Three women who were spotted buck naked at a Pasco County rest area are currently cooling off in jail.

FHP troopers caught the trio after a series of violent encounters both on and off the road.

At the northbound I-75 rest area in Wesley Chapel, just after 11 Wednesday morning, a custodian discovered a bizarre sight. He called 911. “They’re on the northbound side of the building. All three of them standing in the nude putting on suntan lotion” said the custodian.

An FHP Trooper pulled up to see the three young women nude and standing in the grass. They said they were “air drying” after showering.

Walter Burns watched in amazement. “Naked females standing on the edge of the building there” said Burns. Walter watched as the women jumped in their car and took off. “And the trooper, lights and siren right after them. Didn’t stop. Went around the wrong way through the parking lot. And do not enter sign” he said.

They turned around and headed north on I-75. The trooper followed but broke off the chase.

A retired cop called 911 and tailed them as they got off at State Road 52. “I got a car in front of me a trooper was chasing. It’s a white Nissan” said the caller. “Yeah. I’m keeping about 50 yards behind em. They know I’m following em though” said the caller.

Troopers caught up with the women at a Shell station in San Antonio.

The FHP reports the driver tried to run down a trooper, a passenger came at a trooper with a metal bat, another trooper rammed their car and they sped off again, toward Dade City.

Near Pasco High School, a Dade City cop used stop sticks to deflate the car’s tires, then an FHP trooper rammed their car, broke the glass, and tasered all three.

And it all started with a mid-day shower at a rest stop. “No clothes standing around. It’s kind of unusual” said Walter Burns.

Authorities say Oasis Shakira Mcleod was driving the car and Jeniyah Mccloed and Celilia Unique Young were passengers.

Source: WFLA News Channel 8

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