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World Most Expensive Bathub Costs $2 Million

This is not just an ordinary bathtub. It is made of very special wood which is 180 million years old. Having your bath inside this bathtub can never be same as doing so in the usual bathroom or bathtub. You will definitely feel a transformation into some form of paradise you can hardly explain. This is why the rich don’t waste time to buy such priceless property once they are available.

Found deep within the Indonesian rainforest, designer Nigel Fenwick transformed an ancient, petrified log into a ultra-rare bathtub.

The price tops a similar bathtub, which sold for $1.7 million in the Emirate back in 2011.

“The story behind this beautiful and extremely rare bathtub reveals a dramatic and risky journey in pursuit of the most perfect piece of art,” says designer and explorer Nigel Fenwick.

“Petrified wood is one of the rarest and most beautiful raw materials in the world and believed by many to have incredible therapeutic and healing properties, even have the power to extend your life.”

Fenwick’s wellness claims regarding the benefits of wooden furniture aren’t far off the mark. According to a Wood: Housing, Health, and Humanity report, there are multiple physiological, psychological, and environmental benefits associated with wooden interiors and furniture. The report states it can help improve a person’s emotional state, reduce blood pressure and stress levels, decrease heart rate, and even improve air quality. The report also cites a Canadian study that demonstrated the texture and coloring of natural wood elicits feelings of relaxation and warmth.

But the petrified wooden bathub isn’t just any piece of furniture. For Fenwick, transforming this petrified log find into a work of art meant employing some unusual techniques. “I sculpted [the log] by using my own customized diamond blades. It took me eight months working roughly eight hours,” he tells me.

“I first realized how unique it was when I took a section of the outer bark, which is fossilized, and polished it until it looked like a jewel. That’s when I discovered this must have been the only one of its kind found anywhere in the world.”
Because Fenwick has spent many years searching for precious stone for his clients, he’s developed an energetic “connection” with the buried, natural objects. “I could feel that energy in the areas of the jungle we were searching in, so I knew I’d come across a piece somewhere,” he explains.

Source: Culture Trip 


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