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Most Expensive Engagement Ring In The World Costs N3 Billion

There is nothing you cannot do for love. The most expensive engagement ring in the world is the budget of several countries in the developing world. The ring was given to legendary British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor by Actor Richard Button several years ago. It cost $8.8 million (about N3 Billion).

When Elizabeth Taylor died, the ring was auctioned to an anonymous Asian buyer who is currently in possession of the priceless item. Imagine what it feels like to have such a ring somewhere in your apartment. The entire atmosphere cannot be the same at all with other apartments.

This ring features a huge 33.19-caret Asscher-cut Krupp diamond with a relatively large culet facet.

There’s something you need to know about this ring that makes it special. It is not just made with any kind of diamond. The diamond is certified as the most chemically pure type of diamond on earth with exceptional transparency. You can imagine what it does to the woman who wears it – definite diamond transformation of body and soul. That’s right!

Note that Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Button twice, in 1964 and 1975. That’s the power of a rare gorgeous classy engagement ring.

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