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Most Expensive Pencil In The World Costs N4 Million

This is not an ordinary pencil. Probably that’s why it has the name The Perfect Pencil. It is the most expensive in the world and it costs $12,000 (about N4 million). When a pencil is made with olive wood, diamond and white gold, it is only the classy and gorgeous that acquire it.

The Perfect Pencil can go for more than $12,000 at auction. Part of this price comes from the fact that their creation incorporates not just olive wood but also both diamonds and 18-carat white gold. This pencil is actually a collector’s item. There are no more than 99 of these pencils in existence, which tends to be the sort of thing that drives up the prices of valued products. As a result, while the Perfect Pencil might not actually be particularly useful for doing any of the things that people would normally want to do with a pencil, it can claim the distinction of being the most expensive pencils out there for whatever that might be worth.

Having this around you gives you a special kind of classy feeling. Using it means more. That would mean a lot to their studies.

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