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Parents Forget Newborn Baby In Taxi On Their Way Back From Hospital

It was an unexpected nightmare for a man and woman after they forgot their newborn baby in a taxi while returning from hospital shortly after baby’s delivery.

The baby was reunited with the frantic parents(Image: Getty Images/Blend Images)

The parents got the fright of their lives in Germany after accidentally forgetting their newborn in the taxi taking them home from hospital.

Hamburg police said on Monday that the couple took the baby’s one-year-old sibling out of the car, paid the driver and said goodbye — then realised someone was missing as the taxi pulled away.

Dad’s attempt to catch the cab on foot failed and the driver, unaware of his sleeping stowaway, parked the taxi in an underground garage to go for lunch.
It wasn’t until the driver picked up a fare at the airport that the newborn infant made its presence known.

Reports said: “Since the baby initially made no sound and probably enjoyed the sleep, the taxi driver knew nothing of his silent passenger in the back seat and headed directly to a well-deserved lunch break, for which he parked the taxi in an underground car park.

“After some time, he returned hopefully well-fed, sat in his taxi and went in the hope of new passengers to the airport.
“However, the new passenger was a bit confused about the already present infant and made the taxi driver aware of this “carpool”.

“Now was the time when the baby obviously woke up and began to scream.”
The driver immediately called police who collected the baby and arranged for a check-up from paramedics.

The baby was unharmed and reunited with its parents the same day.

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  1. Iwuafor Nkiruka c

    Hmmm! Quite Hilarious! I pity the poor child!

  2. Umenzekwe Juliet

    It is so ridiculous! What on earth were they thinking? But thank God for the reunion.

  3. Nlekuwa Chidinma

    🤔how careless could the parents of this little child be. (Thank God dey reunited)😁😃

  4. Bartholomew chinenyr

    This is not funny


    What in this world were they thinking ? wonders shall never end. Perhaps, they are surrogate parent… if not ,what…..no wonder though,the bible said it ,mothers can forget their suckling child…….

  6. Igwe jemillian uchechukwu

    What were they thinking?
    Is it that they weren’t psychologically ready to have the baby? Infact they need to be flogged but thank God baby is fine.

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