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Poster Shows Dead Man Begging People To Attend His Burial

A funeral poster is currently buzzing the internet for what could be described as it’s creative content though some people find it bizarre and scary.

The poster showed the deceased begging people to attend his funeral, reminding them that he was like them before passing on.

How would you describe this poster, creative or simply weird?

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  1. This is weird and unrare!!!! lolz

  2. Umenzekwe Juliet

    It is absurd, bizarre and weird, I guess he wasn’t a nice person before his demise, probably his people knew no one will be in attendance at his funeral so they made d appeal.

  3. Chukelu nmesoma

    This is weird and scary!!
    What is the world turning into.

  4. Itz really weird ,how can a dead man talk to d hearing of d public🤷🤷

  5. Onyenoha precious chikaosoro

    What is this world turning into🙆🙆

  6. Weird indeed….noting we won’t see in dis country 😪

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