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Most Expensive Haircut In The World Cost $8 Million, See Why

Everyone wants to wear a charming hairdo. The hair is one of the major determinants of how good you look. But how much are you willing to pay for a haircut? There are haircuts that are ridiculously expensive though there could be reasons for the unbelievable cost. When a single haircut costs $40,000 then you need to look further to find out whether it’s a one-off haircut for a reason.

The most expensive haircut in the world cost $8,000000 (about N2,880000000). Before you freak out you need to know that it’s actually a one-off by Anne Hathaway, a high-profile Hollywood star. Here’s the story;

Anne Hathaway is as lovely as one can be, whether in her princess hairstyles or in her post-Fantine pixie do after starring in the 2012 film version of Les Misérables. And it was this destitute Fantine hair that got Anne’s haircut into the list of the most expensive, writes financeonline.

Here’s what happened. Director Tim Hooper wanted a really savage haircut using a knife to make Anne’s languishing Fantine look realistic. West End actress Nicola Sloane was entrusted with “hacking” the hair in the scene where Fantine sells her hair in exchange for an embarrassing sum.


Anna Hathaway wearing the $8 million haircut

The award-winning actress cried buckets after the shoot for the murdered hair which she’s been growing for three years. But contrary to Fantine’s fate, Anne’s brave act in the service of her art was rewarded with a hefty (reportedly) $8 million paycheck! That makes it the most expensive haircut in Hollywood to date.

You wouldn’t mind having a haircut for that amount, especially when you’re being paid for the haircut.

(with reports from financeonline)



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