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Dr. Agnes Nwamma! The Only Business That Survived Rochas Okorocha’s ‘Economic Policies’

You might have come across the dental powder company, Dr. Agnes Nwamma. Well, while most businesses why weeping following poor results and closures during Rochas Okorocha’s regime, Dr. Agnes Nwamma business even waxed stronger.
While others cried of harsh economic climate in the past eight years in Imo state, this business grew and grew into every street corner.
What do you think is the secret?

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  1. Umenzekwe juliet

    It is the spirit of perseverance, everything in life has it own time, I strongly believe it is his own season to shine and nothing can stop his shine not even Rochas clueless government.

  2. Ubakamma mmesoma

    His products are nice a lot of people patronise him.

  3. The product is really responding to people’s needs …..dats y

  4. The lady is an icon!
    congrats ma’am

  5. This man is an icon!
    congrats sir

  6. Arinze obiageli

    This okorocha govt sef. i tire

  7. okani ndidiamaka patience

    it’s God oooo, I love his product… it’s really working

  8. Please how can I contact him

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