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Amazon Sells Bracelet That Shocks You If You Eat Too Much Fast Food

For those worried about how to avoid eating too much fast food this product probably has your name written on it.

Amazon is selling a bracelet that delivers a 350-volt electric shock every time you commit your bad habit. That doesn’t have to be fast food – it could be smoking or sleeping past your alarm. And all it costs you is £193. Every time you misbehave, you’re supposed to administer the shock – the idea being that it rewires your brain to associate the activity with the uncomfortable zap. Apparently, your mates can also download an app that appoints them as digital guardians, able to give you a buzz if they spot you breaking the rules.

‘Pavlok allows you to speak your reptile brain’s language by adding an unpleasant element (a safe and harmless ‘zap’ of electricity on your wrist) to what you have been taught to love (your nasty lingering habit), quickly conditioning your mind to associate an ‘unpleasant’ feeling with your bad habit… and stopping it all together,’ explains the manufacturer on its Amazon page.

It has 150 shocks per charge, so, depending how much of a rule breaker you are, it could last a while. Inventor Maneesh Sethi says that while it isn’t as powerful as a shock from a tazer, it still delivers enough voltage to shock you make you jump. He told ABC news: ‘It feels like if you were to touch a doorknob after rubbing your socks on the carpet.’ He added: ‘There’s a real power in using a little bit of pain to help you break your bad habits.’

Charge the bracelet and you’re good for 150 shocks (Amazon/Pavlok)

The idea was born out of Mr Sethi’s social media addiction. ‘I suffered from ADHD, and found myself addicted to Facebook. I wrote a blog post where I hired someone to slap me every time I went on Facebook, and my productivity skyrocketed,’ he said. ‘On the other hand, none of my many fitness trackers motivated me at all. So I thought, ‘why are there so many devices tracking what I do, but not changing what I do?’ And Pavlok was born.’


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  1. Ezekwo Chinenye Josephine

    Very funny,this won’t work in my country

  2. Wow😳
    It’s really amazing and wonderful how creative people are ….it’s worth having tho.

  3. nawa oh
    it’s my eating fast na

  4. Lolzzzz this is so funny.. Anyways, this won’t work in my country lol

  5. Lolzzz this is so funny.. Anywas, this won’t work in my country lol

  6. I know someone I will gift this bracelet to

  7. Okeke Chioma Onyinye

    Lol this definitely will not work in Nigeria

  8. this is very funny and interesting to know

  9. Lmao ok this is crazy… But cool

  10. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary


  11. I think this bracelet is for mie.

  12. Anagboso chimdimma

    crazy but Cool

  13. too crazy

  14. Very funny but is going to be good.

  15. chukwuemerie uduji

    This is incredible…I DOUBT THIS

  16. Igboachusi jonathan

    This is really funny


    Waow this bracelet is for me ooo, need to get that!

  18. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Really crazy

  19. Anikor Victoria

    is this really true?

  20. Obinwa shalom chisom

    Well,that’s bad

  21. How I wish it could also dictect much consumption of beer..

  22. Agina onyinye blessing

    Wow… I need to try that

  23. Arinze obiageli

    interesting. i love this

  24. Anikor Victoria

    If this is true..hmmmm

  25. Aguinam-Ojukwu Faustina

    Very crazy buy cool buy I doubt if it can work in my country

  26. Chukwunedu Nkechi Fransisca

    Ha! Technology has come again. This is good tho

  27. Enechukwu jamie

    Wow technology is improving very nice

  28. Onwusereaka Rejoice kelechi

    We need this in our country

  29. Igbokwe Chioma Helen

    Biko I really need one for myself

  30. Ezenwajiugo Somto prosper

    I think me and my friends need this

  31. Agina Gloria Ebele

    It sounds good and I think I need one

  32. chidume happiness. c.

    so funny.

  33. we need this kind of thing in our country

  34. Seriously… This kind of bracelet go make sense for Naija oo

  35. It’s a good one for fat people like me.. I need one myself

  36. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    What an invention

  37. I need this bracelet

  38. Thats terrible,i need one

  39. oluoha chinelo lorita

    so amazing

  40. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    Very nice…. The girl is really creative

  41. Chiemela chidera Angel

    I will like to inquire more about this😄😄

  42. Agbachukwu Paschal Ifesinachi

    Nice one
    It’s quite great and awesome

  43. Ebulue Ruth oluchi

    wow!!! its nice

  44. Okeke Chioma Onyinye

    This is so crazy

  45. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    Hmmm…This will do as valentin’s and birthdays gift for a lot of people

  46. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    Hmmm…This will do as valentines and birthdays gift for a lot of people

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