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Dr. Finds Tiny Lizard In Patient’s Ear

Photo: Varanya Nganthavee/Facebook

A doctor at a hospital in Bangkok was baffled after she found a lizard living inside the head of a patient, who came to the facility complaining of ear pain. According to local media, physician Varanya Nganthavee, 25, attended to the patient at Rajavithi Hospital.

Nganthavee said that during the examination of the patient she found something wriggling inside the woman’s ear. The doctor used tweezers and removed the lizard from the ear before treating the area with anesthetic drops.

“This was my last case of the day… I am so confused. How did a huge gecko crawl into a tiny ear hole?” Dr. Nganthavee captioned a photo of the lizard on Facebook. The doctor expressed concern that a part of the lizard could be still inside the woman’s ear as the creepy-crawler had its tail missing. On Tuesday, the patient was taken to a specialist for further examination.

“The doctor confirmed that the ear had been cleared and that no gecko tail remains,” Nganthavee wrote. “I’m very happy! The doctor complimented me for doing a good job… I could cry.”

The lizard appeared to be a juvenile small house crawler, which is very common in Thailand. These lizards are locally called Jing Jok, according to reports.

Doctors at the hospital are still trying to figure out how the lizard entered the woman’s head.

In a similar bizarre incident last year, a man from China was shocked when his doctor told him there was a spider living inside his ear. The unidentified man, who was in his 60s, visited a hospital in Dalian city to get himself checked after he could hear a buzzing sound in his left ear. Endoscopy revealed an eight-legged insect crawling among a small cluster of webs inside the man’s ear canal.

The man told the doctor he suspected the insect might have crawled into his ear the previous night as he reported some itchiness during his sleep.


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