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Desperate Pet Owner Offers His Home, Plot of Land to Anyone That Finds His Lost Dog

After spending months looking for his lost pet Chihuahua, a desperate Tucson man has announced that he is offering his one bedroom home and the plot of land that comes with it to whoever brings his dog back to him.

Eddie Collins lost his beloved pet, Jenny, back in April and he has spent every day since trying to find her. After searching every place he could think of, plastering posters all over Tucson and visiting dog shelters every day, he decided to increase his chances of finding Jenny by offering his most prized material possession as a reward. Whoever finds Jenny and brings her back, will receive Eddie’s one-bedroom apartment, his workshop and a plot of land in return.

“I’ve looked everywhere, I go to the dog pound every day, I go to the humane society,” a heartbroken Eddie Collins told News 4 Tucson. “I’m offering a piece of property with a one-bedroom home. I’m willing to give the land, the trailer, the workshop, all of it free and clear, no questions asked. I just want to have Jenny back.”

A photo of Eddie holding Jenny’s picture and a message that reads “Have you seen me? They took me out of Circle K. My dad is looking for me. If you help me get back home, he will give you a one-bedroom house, a workshop and a plot of land. If you know where I am, help me get home safely and everything will be yours. My name is Jenny” has been doing the rounds on social media for the past three weeks. Collin hopes that his gesture will both bring attention to his story and motivate people to help find his dog.

“Life matters no matter what is it, whether it be a chipmunk or a squirrel. It depends on the owner, the person and what they care for. For me, it’s not about material things, it’s about her,” Collins said, “She’s a loved one, she’s part of my family.”

Unfortunately, so far Jenny has still not been found.

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