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Huge Snake Falls From Ceiling To Bed, these Photos Will Make You Shudder

If the sight of a lizard on your wall makes you shudder, imagine looking up to see a python there. Now imagine if the snake were to fall on your bed. An Australian family came very close to living this nightmare recently, according to a Facebook post by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers.

According to the post by the snake rescue service based in Queensland, the carpet python had been relaxing on a light fitting inside a house at Glasshouse Mountains that probably couldn’t take its weight. The snake therefore fell from the light fixture and onto the bed. Luckily, nobody was sleeping in the bed when it happened.

“The carpet python must have been relaxing on the light fitting and it couldn’t handle the weight of the snake and gave way,” said Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers in their Facebook post on Saturday, sharing three pictures of the massive snake.

Take a look at the pictures below:

Since being shared online, the post has collected hundreds of reactions and comments.

“Thank goodness there was no one in bed at the time!” said one person. “You give me nightmares,” another wrote.

The python was captured and relocated.

Last year, a dramatic video showing a python falling from the ceiling in the middle of a staff meeting in China went viral online.



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