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Six Senior Citizens, Including 85-Year-Old Woman, Arrested For Having S3x In Public Park

Grace Richardson Park in Fairfield, Connecticut, will forever be remembered as the place where police raided an alleged outdoor sex party – for senior citizens.

Six senior citizens were arrested after they were allegedly caught having sex in a Connecticut woodland, popular park called Grace Richardson Park.

Police reported that they had received several complaints about the area beforehand. They then reportedly staked out park and observed multiple acts of public indecency before moving in, NBC News reported.

The disgraced group included five men and one 85-year-old woman, the youngest being 62. The group now face public indecency charges. They were released on promises to appear in court.

Police mentioned that the Grace Richardson conservation area had been publicized online as a place for people as a meetup to have sex or “hook up,” according to an online “City Hookup Guide.”

One of the men arrested, Daniel Dobbin, 67, had faced similar charges in the past. According to complex.com, he was charged with breach of peace in 2017 after parkgoers reported that he was walking around naked.


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  1. Senior citizens?
    “Our manners, actions that we change from time to time is determined by our hormones but when our manners remain constant it’s usually directed by our soul” ~Charly Nager~
    They obviously let their hormones get the better of them

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