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Florida Man Who Didn’t Flush Toilet Threatened To Machete Friend Who Complained

He used the toilet in another person’s house and did not flush it. When the person complained he threatened to cut him to pieces with a machete.

When he was arrested he told the police “shit happened.”

A Florida man apparently didn’t appreciate being told to flush the toilet in another person’s home after using it ― he allegedly threatened the fellow who complained by threatening to “chop” him with a machete.

The suspect, 46-year-old Keith Mounts, later offered this all-too-appropriate explanation to police: “Shit happened.”

As a result of the crappy situation, Pasco County sheriff’s deputies arrested Mounts Saturday on a felony aggravated assault charge.

The alleged incident occurred at the unnamed victim’s home in Hudson, located about 30 miles north of Tampa, and Newsweek got the straight poop from the sheriff’s office spokesperson.

“The suspect didn’t flush and when the victim called him on it, the suspect threatened him with a machete,” the spokesperson said.

The victim called 911, and when police arrived on the scene, they found a machete in the yard that reportedly belonged to Mounts, according to local station WTVT.

Although Mounts told police he was using the weapon to defend himself, officers said he could give a no reason why he needed to do that in the first place, according to The Smoking Gun.

Mounts later gave a written statement to investigators that summed up things simply and succinctly: “Shit happened.”

Mounts remains behind bars in the county jail in lieu of $5,000 bond.



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