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Bear Walks Into A Hotel and Takes A Nap in Bathroom (Watch Video)

A Montana hotel dealt with an audacious guest over the weekend that simply refused to check out.

Buck’s T-4 Lodge in Big Sky shared a video of the visitor, a young black bear who had clambered into a ladies’ bathroom through a window and made himself comfortable in the sink.

The hotel said attempts to allow the bear to leave on its own failed ― he opted to kick back and nap across the countertop while reinforcements were called.

Eventually, a team of police and wildlife officers was able to give the bear a tranquilizer. Officers FaceTimed the bear to monitor him as he fell asleep, according to the hotel’s video montage of the encounter.

The stubborn guest was eventually carried out of the venue, fast asleep.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks said in a post that he was not injured and would be released in a more remote area.

Watch the video of the shenanigans below.


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