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Male sex dolls are being introduced to adult market – but may be too heavy to handle

With the rise of artificial intelligence and the proliferation of avenues for non-traditional pornography it was only a matter of time before the rise of the sex robot was upon us.

But most people think of sex robots that satisfy the needs of cisgender heterosexual men.

Models such as the £8,000 Harmony sex doll claims to have been the first robotic lover to use AI and mimic conversations for pre/post-coital use.

But now sex dolls are being made available to a wider market, as manufacturers have started catering to the needs of those across the spectrum of sexuality .

1 AM Dolls, a sex doll manufacturer from the United States, have now created a male model to satisfy the needs of this burgeoning market with all the features that might be expected of a male sex doll.

“We actually have a male part this year. It is fully featured, actually he has a penis and it is fully flexible in any way, shape or form” said Brent Lawson from 1 AM Dolls.

Even with a bionic penis, the male sex doll is not just limited to one method of pleasure.

“He has anal entry and he has oral entry for folks of the homosexual community so not only just for females, but also for males as well.”

But despite this the male model has a design flaw that could potentially limit its targeted clientele, according to the sex doll manufacturer.

“To be honest with you, typically it is more for males, because of the weight, because most of these dolls start around 80 pounds (36kg) to 85 pounds (38kg).”

The sex dolls on display are designed to be as realistic as possible, meaning that their weight is comparable to that of a human male of the same height and build.

“The male dolls can get up to a 125 pounds (56kg) which is pretty heavy” according to Mr Lawson.

Even with this limitation, the dolls are no cheap knock-offs.

“Male dolls retail, we have two different models 160cm tall version and 175cm tall version. The entry level I believe starts around $1,800 and includes free shipping.”

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